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Social Media Recovery Services

  1. Hacked Account
  2. Deactivated Account
  3. Back-Up Code

For Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, and WhatsApp accounts. 

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what our customers are saying

I can highly recommend Trust Worthy Expert; my social media account got hacked, and not being tech-savvy I was unable to login or reset my password. The team was very efficient and clear communicators who broke down the entire process for me. I would recommend Trust Worthy Expert again to anyone who needs social media recovery, and they managed to recover nearly all my data. I am delighted with their service - keep up the good work!

Christine Anderson

"Quick and Easy Recovery Process"
I have had an amazing experience using this company. Brilliant communication right from the start and throughout the whole job, keeping me informed and up to date with what was happening. Awesome customer service, they explained everything very clearly and upfront. The turnaround time was very quick. I would highly recommend this company.

Gemma Murphy

"Brilliant company. Highly recommend"
Having read some horror stories on the internet I was cautious with regard to who to hire for my recovery. However, Trust Worthy Expert kept me informed on every step of the way and all required data was recovered. Fantastic service!

Andrea Dudgeon

"Fantastic Service!"
I spent the day emailing IT companies. No emails back, false promises of getting in touch, outrageous subscription rates which didn't offer much in return. TrustWorthy Experts came through. From the moment they replied my message the experience was different. He wanted to help. He went out of his way to make sure that my problem was taken care of today. Not in 4-5 hours. He started working on a solution right away. I realize this isn't always possible, but it was a relief. The company was professional, efficient, and patiently answered all of my questions. I don't often give reviews.

Jeanette R. Meiners

"I got my account back"
They helped me track my wife's phone, messages, and location for about 2 months. I've noticed random behaviors that she was cheating, but I needed proof. They gave me that. I wouldn't want to go into much detail. All I can say is they know their work.

Constance G. Farrow

"I hired them to spy on my cheating wife"
Having read some horror stories on the internet I was cautious with regard to who to hire for my recovery. However, Trust Worthy Expert kept me informed on every step of the way and all required data was recovered. Fantastic service!

Dan J. Leggett

"Fantastic Service!"
I cannot believe my own eyes!! My Instagram has been hacked for a month now, I was helpless and didn’t know what to do, and I found this company luckily and the way they approached my issue was marvelous, he has knowledge about everything that the hacker did to my account without me even telling him, and he started to work on the account overnight and brought it back, the kind of assurance and hope and confidence he gave me that im gonna get my account back is mindblowing! Im beyond thankful to getting my instagram back because this account means everything, life to me!!! Thank you thank you!

Christine Siketh Baaly.

"I was Amazed"
Help was extremely helpful and I was able to get my instagram account back that was hacked. Took the time and effort into recovering my account that was hacked and made it fast and easy. Thank you so much!


"Help Was Useful"
Thank you guys so much for saving my account!!! Really helpful and professional I recommend it to anyone in need for fast recovery for his/her instagram account God bless you.


"Fantastic Service!"
They did an amazing job! He was successfully able to retrieve my account for me in a timely manner.

Jessy M.

"Amazing Job"
Great company. They Got my Instagram back!!!! Highly recommend

Josiah J.

"Great company. Highly recommend"
The Team was excellent as always, this is the third time we are taking help from them. They have helped us recover our accounts every time successfully. I would say he is the best in the business. Thanks you.

Andrea Dudgeon

"My account was recovered fast!"
The contractor definitely knows to regain access to a hacked Instagram account. We're almost unsure about needing their skills in the beginning. But I was always confident that we hired the right team for the ethical hacking job. Would hire again in the future.

Gary Davies

"I was Confident on the Process"
I'm an Actress, after my Instagram got hacked, my PA suggested we reach out to this firm, they helped me regain my account.

Trisha Krishna

"I Got back my Instagram
I couldn't access My facebook account as it was probably blocked by hosts due to hack. Trust Worthy Expert was a big help then. They were always available and helped me understand every bit of it. They did some hack recovery and quickly resolved the issues. Good experience overall.

Kamala Suhrwardy

"My Hacked Facebook Was Regained!"
Incredibly friendly, down-to-earth, savvy, and honest people. Salvage-data fully recovered all of my data from 4 external drives. They gave me the best price compared to the other data recovery stores. What I like the most, is if you ask questions they are willing to help you out and they are not trying to sell you products. Their main focus is what they do best – recovering your accounts from hacks.

Peter Harrall

"Friendly Services"
My husband of 9 years has been cheating on me, tho I suspected but when I confront him he always denies it, I hired this firm to help me get proof so I can confidently file a divorce, I'm happy they came through for me.

Sandra Jones

"Excellent service, communication, speed, and pricing. Highly recommend."
Having read some horror stories on the internet about cheating partners, I was so scared cos ve been seeing traces of cheating on my wife, I detest infidelity, so I hired this firm to help me out, they did catch her by spying on her messages, we re divorced now. Fantastic service!

Michael Lee

"Thy spied on my cheating partners messages!"

Our creative process

From reporting a hack to recovering your account is archived with these simple steps:

  • 1Report An Hack Case and chat with a technical assistant agent who will help you.
  • 3We Develop attack strategy and build the tools necessary for the recovery.
  • 2Our Agent Try and Obtain a backup of your account from the App Providers
  • 4We Secure the release of your account.
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We Regain access To Your Hacked, Lost or Stolen Accounts.

We offer full transparency during the entire process and invite you to look up our registration information or to come to meet us in person. The service is very straightforward and delivers results.

There are tens of millions of victims every single year throughout the world. We know how to recover your accounts and we've helped thousands of scam victims from around the world to recover their funds.


Infidelity in Your Relationship?

If you are suspecting your spouse is cheating, they are definitely cheating. Stop the guesses and let our agents use our apps to spy on them.

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General Services Offered

Our Clients Trust Our Proven Track Records


Social Media Hack and Hack Recovery


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Device Cloning

Instagram Recovery

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Our Mission

To Offer Trustworthy IT Services. 

we are a professional team of programmers, hackers, engineers, and detectives. we bring tech solutions to everyday social and technological challenges which our clients may face, services like:

  • Social Media Hacked Account Recovery
  • Spying on Cheating Spouses
  • WhatsApp Hacking Services
  • Hacking of Devices and Phone Spying
  • Device Cloning
  • Data Recovery Solutions

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